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EXCELSIOR   M-F  8:00-5:00


Location: 540 Lake Street, Excelsior MN


Phone: 952 474 1001


MINNETONKA  M-F 9:00-3:00


Location: 14451 Hwy 7, Minnetonka MN


Phone: 952 938 8600



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A primer on the advantages and the reasons for...

An UnCommon Workplace!

Hear what former Excelsior Mayor Nick Ruehl has to say about The Commons:


And, what we're hearing from our members:


"Wow, I got more done today than I have all week working at home."



"Our group of 40 meets at the Commons weekly. We love the space- it has a warm and inviting feel AND plenty of parking"



"I became a member after hosting my holiday party at the Commons"




“The Commons is more than just an office space, it is whatever you need it to be. That is the true beauty of it. It can be your peaceful creative sanctum or your ideas-sharing basecamp. It can be your intimate gathering place or your corporate event venue. Being in the creative field, I need my workplace to change with me on a daily basis. I have found just that here at The Commons, as well as a whole team of like-minded people to share it with.”



“I needed a place to work for three months and I didn’t want to commit to leasing office space; The Commons was the perfect solution.Turns out,this community brings me energy. I had worked from home for decades and here I found myself in a setting I hadn’t been in before, with a renewed vigor and sense of connectivity. That was nearly two years ago, I’m still here and still love what I’m doing.”



"I recently visited The Commons for the first time. Tammy Magney, The Commons’ co-founder, sitting at the front desk, welcomed me immediately. While touring, I was introduced to a member just arriving for the day. Little did I know this introduction was to become a new business contact. Yeah! What an unexpected bonus of working in a place such as this! Thank you Tammy for introducing me to this uncommon workplace.

                                                                                            -- Jenny"


After nearly two decades working from home I found it isolating when my boys were gone. I knew it was important to explore co-working as an alternative.  The Commons is ideal!

I need the Internet, a phone, and an airport to do my work, so when I came to Minnetonka I looked for a co-working space to be my office when I'm in town. The marvelous mix of camaraderie and professional attitude here has made my transition effortless.  I consult around the country with a variety of nonprofit, informal learning institutions - museums, zoos, gardens, and historic sites - but am on the road only about 25% of the time.  Here I can have a private call in one of the phone rooms, move to different desks (standing and sitting) as I prefer, and make an appointment for a conference room if I wish to hold a larger meeting. I can also listen in on the TEDx Salon once a week, find endless coffee, and count on peers to help me with a technology question or explain the Minnesota way of life to this easterner.

The Commons is affordable; the people are friendly; and the atmosphere creative and positive.  What more could anyone ask for?




Local business women Tammy Magney and Peggy Stefan had a need and a vision; they couldn't help think they weren't alone...

"The Commons is both a place and a concept. The concept came first, borne from a global movement called coworking. We were looking for a place to work, knowing that merely finding office space was not our goal. We are collaborators, “connectors” of people who have a healthy curiosity for a myriad of subjects but mostly for the synergy that can only be found in the interaction with other people. We looked at some great coworking spaces. What was missing for us was our community – not so much figuratively, but literally. That’s when we found our uncommon workplace. Smack dab in the middle of the Lake Minnetonka area where we have lived and served for more than two decades. A space in the unique town of Excelsior, energized by Lake Minnetonka across the street, a wall of windows to welcome the outside in, and an environment that embraces the needs of a thriving community: a place to hang your “work-hat”, conduct a meeting (whether in-person or virtually), or throw a party or special event. The Commons is also a place for the community to drop in for a lecture, speaker or a meeting of the minds.


So, join us… let an idea come your way or be the catalyst for someone else’s.

Or, at the end of the day, just find your own space."


Co Founders Peggy Stefan and Tammy Magney

Turns out, they're definitely not alone...


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