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Membership / Rates

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Member Options

  • Registration Fee – $100.

  • No lease, just a 90 day commitment with a 30 day written notice of cancellation after that.

  • Simple, no strings attached!

  • Free Coffee.




unlimited days M-F (8am-5pm)

Extended Hours Access

* Includes 4 hours of Meeting Room space/month.

Dedicated Desk


Your own semi-private, branded space: pictures of the kids, locked file cabinet and shelves for pertinent resources.

* includes 6 hrs meeting room space and Extended Hours Access.

Private Offices

Starting at:


With 12 month, 6 month, or month to month lease options.

A Private Office for you, or your team. Sizes and rates vary by location. Contact us for more info.

* Extended Hours Included


For groups and organizations who need a Commons place to meet.


1 mtg/mo, 2 hrs/mo mtg space


1 mtg/wk, 2 hrs/wk mtg space

20./hr add’l for meetings during Extended Hours

inVirtual Office

as opposed to literally an office


An address. For mail delivery and a place to call ‘office’.

You already have a place to call home.

Non Member Options

Registration fee does not apply.

Hot Seat


per business hour/ per person

Day Pass


per business day/ per person

Punch-In Cards


per 5-not-necessarily-in-a-row days, in other words…Day Pass Deal!

Email Us

Hang your work-hat once, occasionally, several times a month, or have the flexibility of coming 7 days a week to your own dedicated desk or private office! Yes, this is an uncommon workplace… and that’s a good thing. Come in for a couple hours or spend the whole day.